Our Programs

Working in coordination with the head of the church group or organization, we develop tailor-made programs that match the needs, interests, age and budget of the participants.  Isram Israel programs integrate various themes and activities to create a powerful educational and spiritual experience

. Touring biblical and historical sites with a tour guide/educator – Isram Israel guides are trained educators who work closely with the pastor leading the group to create an unforgettable spiritual and educational experience. Time to process, internalize and discuss the experience at various times throughout the program – Built into each program is time to discuss the powerful experience that pilgrims are undergoing in real time.
Visit holy sites in Jerusalem, Nazareth and the Galilee as you literally walk in the footsteps of Jesus.


Sample Church Group Program

Sample Church Group Program

Day 1 - Arrival Afternoon: Arrive at Tel Aviv airport and meet, Israeli tour guid...

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